Who are we?

New Tendance Communication is an integral marketing communication agency based in Edmonton, Canada. We aim to help organizations to communicate well internally and externally. Our clients’ success is purpose, hence our slogan: "our success is first and foremost yours".

We offer services such as digital marketing, event communication, sales force coaching, communication and marketing consulting.

Our services are offered in both French and English and we work with individuals, e.g. political marketing of a candidate, sports marketing of an athlete. We also work with organizations: event communication, digital marketing, public relations ...

New Tendance aims at enabling organizations to gain better visibility by using a good communication strategy. We also help companies to grow market share by increasing their sales, and by enhancing internal communication to federate dynamic and compact groups within organizations.

Our primary goal is to establish ourselves on the Canadian market with both Francophone and Anglophone companies. We will then attack the USA market focusing on California and the Silicon Valley with its many start-ups that exhibit a need to communicate. We will also focus on the African market with political and digital marketing, given that many African companies are now entering the digital world and wish to have visibility and communicate better. Hence the launch of New Tendance Communication Africa to enable the growth of numerous companies.

New Tendance Communication prioritizes client’s satisfaction, hence our slogan “Your success is our success”. We endeavour to reach all the objectives set by organisations while maintaining a team spirit.



I graduated from the Department of Letters and Social Communication, from the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières where, I acquired a lot of knowledge in communication, marketing and sales.

In charge of managing communication for different organizations over several years, I have acquired many skills, particularly in organizing and promoting events, in writing press releases and communication plans, as well as in developing marketing strategies.

I have also carried out media placement and managed web content. My experience in the newspaper "Hebdo Journal" as a correspondent has also enabled me to master various journalistic techniques.

With a high capacity for adaptation and a real sense of organization, I possess almost five years of experience in the field of communication and marketing. Through these experiences, I have acquired an excellent writing ability and learned to program communication activities such as the writing of marketing communication plans, press releases and social media management.

I also have experience in sales, my beginnings in the communication and marketing sector were as a sales representative in B2B (business to business) and subsequently in B2C (business to customer).

I now put all my knowledge and professionalism at the disposal of organizations to enable them to shine and reach their objectives.